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Friday, 16 August 2013

Bath Waste Fittings - The Albion Bath Company

Albion Pipe Shrouds and Exposed Waste Fittings

The Albion Bath Company can provide all the finishing touches for your new free standing bath tub. You’ll require a p-trap and a floor or wall waste for underneath your bath, so why not add a special touch and go for Chrome or Nickel polished and plated pipe work as opposed to the standard plumbers white plastic, adding that extra special touch to your new bathroom. All exposed pipe work within your bathroom can be provided in Chrome or Nickel plating and pipe shrouds and covers can be provided for any water feeds you’d like to ‘spruce’ up.

All bathroom plumbing fittings and pipe work can be bought directly from us ensuring a clean and attractive installation – at last, no more unsightly plumbing!

For more information and advice, give us a call on 01255 831605

Albion P-Trap and Floor Waste in Chrome

Albion Straight Isolation Valve
Albion Pipe Wall Clip
Albion 90 degree Elbow

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Neptune Advance Bath Tub - The Albion Bath Company

The Neptune Advance Slipper Bath Tub completes Albion's new range of 'Advance' bath tubs. These new tubs bridge the gap between classical and the contemporary with smooth curves and flowing edges. The Neptune Advance bath itself, maintains the beautiful features of a traditional slipper bath but with the added praticality of a curvaceous plinth going straight to the floor, no more dust traps!

For more information on our new exciting range of bath tubs, please call us on 01255 831605

Neptune Advance Bath Tub - The Albion Bath Company

Monday, 29 July 2013

Iso Enamel Material - The Albion Bath Company

Iso Enamel is The Albion Bath Company's unique self reinforced, acrylic free cast stone resin and mineral mixture. The material is wet cast into a mould with a chemical glaze applied which results in a product that is one solid piece that cannot be split unlike Cast Iron Enamel Baths or many other Cast Stone Resin Baths which have an Acrylic 'skin' which can split and separate over time.

This process allows The Albion Bath Company to achieve the closest match to original Cast Iron Bath Tubs, in look and feel, that money can buy, without any of the inherent downfalls associated with Cast Iron Enamel Baths. These downfalls predominately being, excessive weight, many homeowners have had to reinforce floors within their property just to get a Cast Iron bath in and that doesn't include the sheer issue of getting the bath tub into the property in the first place, back breaking work indeed! Secondly, Cast Iron Bath Tubs draw out the heat from the bath water very quickly resulting in many users having to constantly 'top up' their bath with hot water during their soak. Another problem commonly associated with Cast Iron Baths is the inability to use day to day household cleaners on them without damaging or discolouring the enamel surface, not very practical in a busy household!

Albion have successfully strived to ensure all of these downfalls do not exist with their Iso Enamel Material, instead, an Albion Iso Enamel Bath tub will give you the luxurious feel and look of an original Cast Iron Bath Tub but at a 1/3 of the weight of an equivalent sized Cast Iron Bath. Therefore, no need to reinforce floors, even with Albion's heaviest Aegean bath at approx 220kg, a like for like fire clay bath would be approx 450kg! As a general rule, Albion Roll Top Bath Tubs range from 47kg to 81kg and Bull Nose Fire Clay Baths from 92kg to 220kg, not too bad considering the appealing design and practicality issues it conquers.
Also, Albion's Iso Enamel Material actually insulates the bath water for approximately an hour longer compared to Cast Iron Baths, so no more topping up the hot water. All cleaners, even limescale removers, can be used on Albion's Iso Enamel material with no fear of damaging or discolouring the surface. Another benefit is all of Albion's Roll Top Bath Tubs can be finished on the exterior in a colour of your choice, so you can fully customise your bath to your bathroom design.

Not only can you benefit from Albion's unique material via their bath tubs but also their shower trays, allowing you to have all the benefits of Iso Enamel but in a stylish, low profile, self reinforced tray.

Hopefully you'll agree that Albion have found and developed a niche in the market with their Iso Enamel Material. Why not give them a call on 01255 831605 for more details or visit their website and request a brochure and start dreaming about your new bathroom! 

Albion's Tubby Tub Roll Top Bath Tub

Friday, 26 July 2013

Shower Enclosures - The Albion Bath Company

Albion have recently expanded their expertise into frameless shower enclosures, offering a range of square or rectangular 50mm low profile shower trays all manufactured by hand from their unique Iso Enamel - a self reinforced, acrylic-free, cast stone resin and mineral mixture. Sizes range from 800mm square through to 1000mm x 1500mm rectangular trays. All of Albion’s shower trays feature twin waste outlets allowing high volumes of water to drain away quicker.

Albion offer a wide range of shower enclosures: walk-in, corner entry, corner enclosure with in-line panel and a recessed option, all suitable to use with their low profile shower trays or a tiled floor.  

Where the industry standard for shower enclosure glass is only 6-8mm, all of Albion’s shower enclosures are manufactured using 10mm toughened glass, providing a solid, quality feel. The glass panels are secured using medical grade stainless steel channels providing a clean, rigid, frameless shower design.

Please contact us for sizing and various format options to suit your new bathroom, 01255 831605 or email us on 

Albion Walk In Shower Enclosure

Albion Low Profile Shower Tray

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Loren Contemporary Bath and Basin Taps - The Albion Bath Company

Another new product from The Albion Bath Company! Introducing the Loren Modern Tap Range. It's sharp angular lines and joystick style lever makes it the perfect choice for any contemporary bathroom. Available in Hard Chrome only and in all formats from Bath Shower Mixer to Bidet Mixer, Loren has the full works!

Call us on 01255 831605 for more details.

Loren Wall Mounted Basin Filler Tap

Loren Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Loren Bidet Mixer Tap

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cast Iron Baths - Not the way to go! - The Albion Bath Company

Cast Iron roll top bath suppliers often extol the qualities of cast iron material however, they fail to cite the many drawbacks such as extreme heat loss and excessive weight. The Albion Bath Company’s baths however, are made from a unique material called Iso Enamel which creates a solid, one-piece, 15-20mm thick bath. This gives a luxurious and strong construction much like that of a cast iron bath but without the obvious drawbacks.

As Albion use a resin and mineral mixture, their baths are not as heavy or cold as a cast iron roll top bath. Albion baths weigh roughly a third of the weight of a comparative quality cast iron roll top bath e.g. 65-70kg for a 6ft Albion bath as opposed to approximately 200kg for a cast iron equivalent.

Further development of our production technique allowed us to create our bull nose bath range emulating fire clay baths popular in the early 1900's in North America and Europe. These baths being substantially thicker are therefore heavier than our traditional roll top baths however, none weighs more than 215KG which is approximately half the weight of an original fire clay bath.

An Albion bath will keep your bath water hotter than a cast iron roll top bath as the material insulates rather than loses heat. Cast iron roll top baths also have a proneness to chipping and many cleaning substances cannot be used on, this is not the case with Albion baths.

Unlike many Cast Stone Resin Bath manufacturers, The Albion Bath Company do not use Acrylic within their mixture nor do they use an ‘Acrylic skin’ with a resin back fill, Albion bath tubs are wet cast into a mould and are one solid piece, not many companies can say this is true of their bath tubs! This allows Albion to ensure every bath has that luxurious feel of a Cast Iron Enamel Bath, where your hand ‘glides’ over the bath material rather than the ‘Tupperware’ feel of an Acrylic bath, but without any of the aforementioned downfalls. The look and feel of our baths is totally unique and cannot be compared to the feel of inferior acrylic.

Visit our website or call us on 01255 831605 for more information – you won’t be disappointed! 

Apollo Iso Enamel Bath Tub - The Albion Bath Co

Etruscan Iso Enamel Bath Tub - The Albion Bath Co

Solus Iso Enamel Bath Tub - The Albion Bath Co

Friday, 5 July 2013

Albion's New Polished Pewter Bath Finish

Albion's brand new Polished Pewter finish - available on most Albion roll top baths, call for details.

Take a look at Albion’s brand new Geminus Advance bath coated with our unique Polished Pewter finish. This is a slightly mottled and high reflective silver surface that replicates the finish of polished cast iron. The finish is created by coating the bath with a highly polished base colour. By using a special (and secret) technique, we then deposit metal particles onto this surface. This surface is then buffed and sealed with a hard lacquer. Unlike aluminium or Iron, this Polished Pewter finish will not tarnish or corrode and is easy to keep clean.

This process maintains Albion’s ethos of using modern technology to create and improve traditional designs such as polished cast iron baths. Remember, Albion baths are hand made from our special material called Iso-Enamel. This is a stone-like material that maintains all the individual character of cast iron yet overcomes it’s inherent drawbacks. Albion’s Iso-Enamel material has a hard, high gloss surface and will retain precious heat in your bathing water. When compared to inferior acrylic, Iso-Enamel is strong, stiff and scratch resistant. To make life easy, unlike cast iron baths, Iso Enamel can be cleaned with all household liquid cleaners and, if scuffed, can be polished or repaired

The Polished Pewter finish can be applied to any of Albion’s Roll Top baths and is a fantastic addition to Albion’s service of customising their baths to individual requirements. This service is priced at £999.00 inclusive of VAT.

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